Brewing with Kveik

About Gautham Gandhi -Gautham is a lawyer turned brewer and worked extensively with brewers, beer, raw material and equipment brands from India and abroad and co-founded India based Singularity Beer Project. His approach to brewing is very non-traditional and new world. He has contributed to Alcobev magazines and forums in India. He is also a Co-Admin of India’s largest Facebook Craft Beer community called “Friends of Froth” founded by Late John John Eapen, India’s first and only beer evangelist.Gautham has made over 25 batches of beer u...

DIY Stir plate for yeast propogation

About Partha Mehendale -Partha is an ex-engineer, a self-taught brewer, a yoga practitioner, and the slowest eateryou'll ever meet. You'll often find him sipping on a chai-gone-cold while reading up on random trivia or tending to his herb garden.Over the past few years, he had gone from not knowing about the existence of craft beer to becoming the head brewer at Yavasura. A free spirit, he sometimes still cannot believe that he no longer have to sit at a desk all day but that he get to brew liquid gold for y'all instead. One of his ...