Base malt. The ancient form of malt. Dark kiln-dried, malt-aromatic and highly modified, it fulfils the demands of dark beers, but is also suitable as an additive to vary the beer colour and the aroma profile of light beers.

Note: Minimum quantity for crushed malt is 1Kg/variety.

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Colour: 18 – 22 EBC

Lovibond: 7-9

Type of beer: dark beers, Festbier, strong beers, Schwarzbier

% of the grist: ≤ 100


Standard specification:

Extract, dry matter>80%R-205.01.080 [2016-03]
Moisture Content<5%R-200.18.020 [2016-03]
Wort Colour8 – 10EBCR-205.07.110 [2016-03]
Saccarification time5 – 20MinR-205.03.730 [2016-03]
Protein Content, dry matter< 12.0%R-200.20.030 [2016-03]
Soluble Nitrogen, dry matter680 – 800mg/100 gR-205.11.030 [2016-03]
Kolbach Index36 – 46%R-205.12.999 [2016-03]
pH-value5.4 – 5.9R-205.06.040 [2016-03]
Viscosity (congress wort at 8.6 %)<1.60mPa·sR-205.10.282 [2016-03]
Friabilimeter-Friability>80%R-200.14.011 [2016-03]
Friabilimeter-Compl. Glassy<2.5%R-200.14.011 [2016-03]

*Analysis method according to MEBAK, Raw Materials, 2016
Brewing grain is a natural product and is subject to qualitative fluctuations which can have an effect on the specification values listed

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