This auto-siphon creates an ease of transfer of your beer from one container to another without
exposing beer to any outside contamination. Its simple design allows the user to transfer beer


Dimensions –
3/8″ Regular – fits 20liter buckets and carboys. Connect to siphon hose 5/16” (8mm) bore.

Benefits –

  • Single stroke action draws a siphon without disturbing sediment.
  •  Designed for smooth, leak-free operation.
  •  Very easy to sanitize and use.
  •  Removable tip prevents siphoning of any potential sediment.

Instructions – 

  • Rinse the Auto-Siphon with normal water and sanitize with a non-alcohol based sanitizer
    (Click here to purchase Iodophor sanitizer)
  • Heat the end of siphon hose using hot water so that the siphon expands to fit the center tube
  • Extend the center tube
  • Submerge
  • Stroke

Note: The maximum temperature withheld by this Auto-Siphon is 120F or 49C.


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