The only kit you ever need to brew beer, mead, cider, kombucha and other low proof alcoholic

What is Brew in a Bag (BIAB)?
Brew In A Bag is a form of all-grain brewing that eliminates the need for a separate mash tun and allowing a brewer to conduct the entire brewing process in one kettle.

Note – Turn this BIAB beginners kit into an advanced kit by adding a Brew Kettle and a Copper wort chiller from the options below.


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Benefits –

  • Faster brew day
  • Less hassle
  • Minimal equipment
  • Takes smaller space

This kit includes –

Reusable Nylon grain basket (to hold the grains
while mashing)
Manual thermometer1
Gravity measuring cylinder1
Iodophor brewing sanitizer (100 ml)1
Reusable Nylon hop basket2
Plastic Jiggle for siphoning1
Fermenter with spigot (10 liters)1
Air lock1
Bottle capper1
Crown caps1 pack (100 no.s)
Bottling brush1

This kit doesn’t include –

  • Grain mill
  • Ingredients
  • Beer bottles

Note – To purchase recipe kits for different styles of beer. Please click here


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