What’s included:

1. 30L FermZilla Flat Bottom Fermenter
2. Air Lock (Three-piece)
3. Digital Temperature Sticker Thermometer


This fermenter has not been pressure rated and it’s not designed to ferment under pressure, pressure transfer or carbonate in. If you are looking for a pressure rated fermenter that you can carbonate in then we would recommend that you go for the “FermZilla All-Rounder in 30L.

WARNING: This fermenter is only rated to temperatures of 45C. Ensure to cool any liquid down to below this temperature before pouring in to the fermenter. If you need to dissolve extract syrup with boiling water, make sure to cover the syrup with sanitised foil or the sanitised lid of the can while cooling and cool down to below 45C in an ice bath for example.



FermZilla Flat Bottom – 30L Fermenter

This awesome fermenter is perfect for:

Brewing and Beer Making
Kombucha Fermentation
Wine Making
Spirit Wash Fermentation

35 x 35 x 47cm to top of the accessory port on the lid. Add on ~10cm for an airlock.

6 Reasons to Get the FermZilla Flat Bottom is Superior to other HDPE and PP Fermenters
1. Super Smooth
The PET is super smooth making it easier to clean. Other HDPE fermenters have very porous wall meaning krausen sticks to the walls and the holes in HDPE are large enough for bacteria to grow in the wall of the fermenter.
2. Better Oxygen Barrier
Some fermenters like the Coopers type are not even airtight and have a loose-fitting lid allowing oxygen to get into the fermenter easily. Other fermenters are often made from HDPE that has high gas transmission rate meaning oxygen can pass through the wall of the fermenter
3. Tap Free Design
The Fermzilla flat bottom has no tap so it’s easier to clean and less likely to get infections
4. Lightweight and strong
The FermZilla fermenters are lightweight but really strong and shatterproof.
5. Convenient Lid Opening Size
The opening at the top is 120mm diameter so its easy to get your arm into clean but also small enough that it’s easy to seal the lid with minimal force.
6. New Lid Design
The new lid design allows you to fit other accessories to the lid easily such as thermowell or glycol coil.


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