The two piece lid of this neck ring means that you can tighten the lid with less force.



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This quality made and strong engineering plastic lid is made from glass reinforced engineering plastics that are not only chemical resistant, heat resistant but also tough as nails so they will last you a lifetime.

If you would like to purchase the actual FermZilla lid ring that holds this down then you need to purchase part number KL11396

This lid is made from high quality plastic and will suit any of the FermZilla fermenters, uni tanks, bright tanks. It will suit:

FermZilla 27L – Conical Fermenter – KL06835

FermZilla 35L – Conical Fermenter – KL14144

FermZilla 55L – Conical Fermenter – KL06842

FermZilla 27L – Flat Bottom – KL13550

FermZilla 55L – Flat Bottom – KL14151

FermZilla 27L – Bright Tank – KL14168

FermZilla 55L – Bright Tank – KL14175


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