Hot Fillable
These bladders can be hot filled with any liquid up to 100C.

Triple Layer
The triple layer construction consists of:
Layer 1 – 50micron polyethylene (PE)
Layer 2 – 45micron polyethylene (PE)
Layer 3 – 15micron nylon
Layer 1 gives the bladder the best possible chemical resistance making this bag suitable for a wide range of beverages. Layer 2 and 3 are laminated together for strength, puncture resistance and also to give the bag superior oxygen barrier properties keeping the liquid fresher for longer.



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Do you want to purchase just a single Bag?
Please be aware that when you purchase a box of 10 bags you have the advantage that the whole box of 10 are irradiated ensuring the contents of the box is sterile.  If you order these bags in singles we will have to take the bags out of box. The inside of the bag will still be sterile but not the outside surface.

Stop wasting time chilling wort!
Why sit around chilling wort?  Put your hot wort directly into this bladder and screw on the cap.  This enables you to make your own fresh wort kits and store the wort for later.

Long shelf life
The high oxygen barrier in the membrane makes these bags suitable for storage of wort for 1-2 years.  This means you do not necessarily have to fill your fermenter on the same day as your brew day.  Stockpile wort when you have time to make it then ferment out the wort when you have time to ferment it.  Hot cubing gives you more flexibility.

Always got the right size bag for the job
In the past if you wanted to use the “no chill” method of brewing you would put your wort into a plastic HDPE Cube/container.  These cubes were often the wrong size for the job.  Bladders can easily be filled to the correct volume and used to store anywhere from 0-20L of hot wort.

These bags are priced cheap enough that you can probably just throw them away. With that said if you wanted to clean them and then boil them to sterilise the bags there is nothing stopping you from using these again.

Easy Closure
Unlike most other bladders this bladder just has a screw cap making it easy to fill and cap.


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