1. Fill carbon into the filter housing

2. Saturate and wash carbon with water

3. Dilute the spirit that you want to filter to 40% ABV

4. Pour spirit into the top of the filter housing and gradually allow it to flow through the carbon media.
NOTE: The slower the better.  Ideally you want to reduce the flow speed of the spirit through the carbon as SLOW as practically possible.  The slower the flow the better the filtration works.



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This 500gram bag of activated carbon is enough to filter thousands of liters of spirit.

Activated carbon has many very small pours giving it a huge surface area whereby contaminants in your spirit get trapped.  Fusil oils in particular can easily get trapped into the filter media giving your spirit a much cleaner taste.

Many customers these days ust this carbon in the old Z – Filters or filters such as the Fuselex Ultimate Spirit Filter but these days even better options are available such as just using one of these simple stainless extension tubes to do the job.


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