• Made from durable vinyl that remains soft when freezing cold.
  • Burst and puncture resistant
  • Soft gel can be put in the freezer or refrigerator for cold therapy
  • Can be microwaved of boiled for heat therapy.
  • Can easily be cut to smaller size.  Sheets are diveded into many cells that can be separated with scissors to make smaller sheets


10 x 6 cells
42cm wide  x 35cm High x about 1cm thick



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This large sized gel heat/cold pack can be boiled and used as a hot pack for aches and pains; or put in the freezer then used for chilling your beer.

Perfect for keeping your JetKeg – Keg Backpack Cold for hours while you dispense beers.

Also great for stuffing between our various keg parkas and our stainless kegs to keep them cold for many hours longer.

Even use these for cooling your fermenter during those summer months.  Put the frozen pack into our FermZilla jacket and this will prevent your fermenter getting too hot over summer.


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