This extremely inexpensive upgrade will truly show you what the FermZilla was designed for.

This kit includes –

  • 2 x KegLand Plastic Carbonation Screw Caps with duotight compatible barb
  • 1 x FermZilla 27L & 55L SS Float & 80cm Silicone Dip Tube

This pressure kit allows you to turn your FermZilla 27L or 55L into a true uni tank, meaning, it allows you to ferment, carbonate and serve the beer, cider and mead in the same tank without the need of multiple tanks/containers.



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Here are some possibilities –

Fermenting Under Pressure:

First one of the most intriguing uses is to ferment under pressure which reduces ester production
and fusel alcohol production. That means that you can ferment warmer than you normally would,
even making lagers at room temperature. Most commercial beer is fermented under pressure just
due to the size of commercial tanks and the pressure that is created by the column of beer. The lid
has a built in relief valve that will blow at 35psi and we strongly recommend you also purchase an
adjustable pressure relief valve, or blow tie kit, that allows you to set a lower pressure. It is also
always a good idea to have two relief valves on the FermZilla anytime the unit is under pressure.

Carbonating, Pushing, and Serving:

When you are fermenting under pressure the beer, cider or mead is already carbonated when you
are done fermenting. You can control the level of carbonation by using an adjustable pressure relief.
The idea is that the FermZilla can eliminate kegging and you can serve directly from the fermenter.
Use a beer line to connect the FermZilla to your keg and enjoy the easiest kegging experience ever.
You can also choose to send carbonated beer through a beer filter on the way to your keg. When
applying pressure with a CO2 tank also make sure that you have a functional relief valve on your
CO2 regulator.

Lack of Oxidation

Because the beer always has a CO2 blanket through fermentation and during any transfers out,
oxidation is eliminated. When you cold crash you won't be sucking air back in through an airlock.

Key Features:

• Ferment beer under pressure to reduce ester and fusel alcohol production
• Ability to always draw clear beer with the unique, floating draw tube
• Keg already carbonated beer, cider or mead
• Use co2 to push the beverage into a keg or through a filter into a keg
• Carbonate and serve the beverage directly from the FermZilla, eliminating kegging all together


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