These French oak wood chippings are made from barrel-making oak woods of guaranteed heartwood quality with no sapwood or bark. The wood is selected from either Sessile Oak (Quercus sessiliflora) or Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur). Before processing, the wood is cured and seasoned for at least 24 months in the open air.


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  1. During alcoholic fermentation, adding new wood improves the tannin structure and stabilises the colour in red wines. The beer, wine, whisky gains almond and dried fruit aromas with no obtrusive woodiness.
  2. These Oak Chips are Medium toasted and better added during ageing to increase a porter, stout, whisky, rum or wine’s aromatic complexity.
  3. Dosage is totally subjective. However, we suggest using anywhere between 10-60 grams for a 20-liter batch for days/weeks or even months depending upon how much of oak flavor the beer calls for.
  4. Soak the oak chips in boiling water for a few minutes to sterilize them before adding to the fermenter.
  5. Please note that the oak chips are lighter in weight and may float on top of the beer in the fermenter when added directly. We recommend adding oak chips into a clean and sterile nylon bag with something heavy and inert such as a glass marble(sterilized) so that the oak chips are soaked completely in the beer.
  6. Alternatively, you can also make a tincture by soaking the oak chips in bourbon or any other spirit for a few days and add the spirit directly into the secondary fermenter.


Store in a dry, well ventilated, odour free place below 20°C.

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