Orange peel can be a great addition to a lot of beers. It brings out a refreshing zesty orange flavor. We bring you the highest quality of sweet orange peels from the Valencia family, it is the signature variety found in popular Belgian White styles like Blue Moon Belgian White, Hoegarden, Bira etc. Belgian Whites are incomplete without Sweet Orange Peels.


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  1. Typically added in Belgian Witbier as a late boil addition but it is also suitable for IPAs, any fruit forward beers. In contrast, it is a great addition to dark beers like Stouts and Porters where the zesty orange flavor can really compliment the chocolate and coffee notes of the beer.
  2. We suggest adding 15-20 grams of sweet orange peel before end of boil.
  3. Alternatively, steep in hot water for 10 minutes and add to your secondary fermenter as required to get an enhanced flavor experience.


Store in a dry, well ventilated, odour free place below 20 deg C.

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