Monitor and control fermentation temperature.


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Temperature Controller Installation:

  1. First place the controller on top of the fridge and remove the fridge connection from socket of
    the supply board and place the controller plug into same socket of the supply board.
  2. Then, take the sensor wire and place on the wall of the fridge (Note: place don’t place it on the
    freezer section of the fridge).
  3. This can be done by using a cello-tape (Note: please stick the wire and not the sensor metal,
    sensor should be hanging on the wall of the fridge)
  4. Take the fridge connection and plug it on the controller.
  5. Turn on the controller.
  6. Default setting will show 18°C on the controller. If the fridge was ON prior to installation, then
    the compressor will take time to kick in till the fridge temperature reaches to 20°C. If not, then
    the compressor will start in 1 minute.
  7. You can increase and decrease temperature by pressing set and holding it for 2-5 seconds till the
    value blinks and then increase or decreases. The controller works in the range of 6°C to room

Note: The controller works with a difference of 2°C. so if your set temperature is 18°C then the
compressor starts at 20°C and cut-off at 17°C. same scenario applies for all the set temperature.

1. The controller can only be used on domestic fridge having 6 AMP point of connection.
2. The controller can only be attached to fridge with 0-8*C range and cannot be attached to chest/deep or any other industrial freezers.
3. Kindly check the above 2 points before placing your order.

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