Natunase FAA is an Alpha-amylase specially designed for brewing attenuation. It is capable of cutting long chain dextrin’s, thus providing good filtrations properties and relatively low viscosity. It is specially derived from strain of Aspergillus Oryzae by submerged fermentation.

Natunase FAA randomly hydrolyses α-1,4-glucosidic bonds to reduce the viscosity of gelatinized starch, producing high maltose and cutting long chain of dextrins with maintaining low color and low viscosity under a variety of process condition.


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  • High Maltose yields with minimal by products as maltulose, etc.
  • Filtration efficiency increases by lowering the viscosity
  • Increase fermentability of wort
  • Helps in overcoming struck fermentation
  • Increase attenuation with high maltose yield


  • Enables optimal, cost-effective saccharification in a variety of plant designs
  • Maximum operational flexibility ensures that your process is optimized
  • Stabilized products maintain constant activity during storage


The dosage requirement for Saccharification by Natunase FAA depends upon the process, applied pH, Calcium, temperature, type of raw material and reaction time, which are very important. It has shown superior performance under variety of process conditions with different grains, including corn, sorghum, wheat, rice and barley as adjuncts.


Declared enzyme Endo 1-4 Alpha Amylase
Declared activity 800 FAU/g
Production strain Aspergillus Oryzae
Occurrence Liquid
Appearance Light to dark brown (color may vary batch to batch)
Specific gravity 1.22-1.26


3-6 gm per HL of wort


Below 1o°C – Minimum shelf life of 12 months
Best used within 12 months from date of manufacturing


  • Enzymes are proteins. Inhalation of dust or aerosols may induce sensitization and may cause allergic reactions in sensitized individuals. Some enzymes may irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes upon prolonged contact. The product may create easily inhaled aerosols if splashed or vigorously stirred.
  • Spilled product may dry out and create dust. Spilled material should be flushed away with water.
    Avoid splashing. Left over material may dry out and create dust.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
  • Contaminated cloths should be properly washed
  • MSDS is supplied with the product. Follow MSDS safety instructions for more details.

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