Base malt. This light IREKS brewing malt is suitable for the production of light beers and, in addition, forms the basis for most types of beer. It is characterized by a light colour combined with a high enzymology and high extract contents.

Note: Minimum quantity for crushed malt is 1Kg/variety.

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Colour: 2.5 – 5 EBC

Lovibond: 1.4 – 2.3

Type of beer: All types of beer Especially: Pilsner

% of the grist: ≤ 100


Standard specification:

Extract, dry matter>80%R-205.01.080 [2016-03]
Moisture Content<5%R-200.18.020 [2016-03]
Wort Colour2.5 – 5EBCR-205.07.731 [2016-03]
Boiled Wort Colour4 – 7EBCR-205.08.110 [2016-03]
Saccarification time5 – 15MinR-205.03.730 [2016-03]
Protein Content, dry matter9.0 – 11.5%R-200.20.030 [2016-03]
Soluble Nitrogen, dry matter610 – 780mg/100 gR-205.11.030 [2016-03]
Kolbach Index36 – 45%R-205.12.999 [2016-03]
FAN (Trs.)110 – 160mg/100 gR-205.14.111 [2016-03]
pH-value5.8 – 6.1R-205.06.040 [2016-03]
Viscosity (congress wort at 8.6 %)<1.58mPa·sR-205.10.282 [2016-03]
Viscosity (Iso 65 °C at 8.6 %)<1.65mPa·sR-205.10.282 [2016-03]
β-Glucan (congress wort)<300mg/lR-205.15.111 [2016-03]
β-Glucan (Iso 65 °C)<400mg/lR-205.15.111 [2016-03]
Friabilimeter-Friability>81%R-200.14.011 [2016-03]
Friabilimeter-Compl. Glassy<2.5%R-200.14.011 [2016-03]
Dimethyl Sulfide-Prec. (DMS-P) dry matter<7mg/kgR-205.29.153 [2016-03]
Congress wortR-206.00.002 [2016-03]
Iso 65 °CR-207.00.002 [2016-03]

*Analysis method according to MEBAK, Raw Materials, 2016
Brewing grain is a natural product and is subject to qualitative fluctuations which can have an effect on the specification values listed

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