Mead type Melomel

Flavor description – Citrus notes on nose and strong apple and citrus notes on palate

Total time required – 10-12 days of fermentation followed by desired conditioning

Vital Stats – 

Batch Size 10 liters
Estimated Original Gravity 1.051
Estimated Final Gravity 0.997
Estimated Alcohol By Volume 6.5%
Color (SRM/EBC) 3

Note –

  • This recipe kit makes up to 10 liters of mead
  • This recipe kit comes with a detailed step by step instruction guide on how to use
  • Besides the recipe kit, we highly recommend purchasing the items listed in the description below for making meads.


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Recommended list of items for making Meads –

1. Fermenters with spigot (10L, 20L)

2. Hydrometer

3. Measuring Cylinder

4. Thermometer

5. Auto-Siphon

6. Iodophor Sanitizer

7. S-Type Airlock

8. Crown Caps

9. Bottle Capper

10. Bottle Brush

11. Weighing Scale

Note – This 10L recipe requires 4 medium sized oranges and 4 medium sized apples which are not included in this kit.


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