Flaked Torrefied Barley consists of barley grains that have been cooked at high temperature, resulting in gelatinisation of the starchy endosperm. Adding it promotes head retention and adds body to the finished beer. Its flavour is slightly stronger than its wheat counterpart. It does not require milling before being added to the mash, and retains its husk so can be used as an alternative to wheat in beers where the recipe already has a lot of huskless grains.

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Typical Analysis –

Parameter IoB EBC ASBC
Moisture 10.0% max. 10.0% max. 10% min.
Extract 308 L°/kg 81.0% 81.0%

Beer styles – All styles. Main benefit is improved head retention. Suited to stouts for bite.

Usage rate – 10% max.

Tasting Notes – Slightly more harsh flavour/bite then torrefied wheat

Shelf Life – 6 months in dry & pest free conditions

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