Due to a special process, stewing, especially many low-molecular substances are formed in this IREKS kiln-dried malt, which are transformed into strong aroma and colour substances during subsequent kilning. For this reason, this malt is particularly suitable for supporting a strong malt aroma and achieving, at the same time, hues of red which come from the melanoidins formed.

Note: Minimum quantity for crushed malt is 1Kg/variety.

Order full bag of 25 Kg and save Rs 10/Kg


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Colour: 40 -50 EBC

Lovibond: 15 – 20

Type of beer: dark beers, Festbier, strong beers, Rotbier, craft beers

% of the grist: 10 – 50


Standard specification:

Extract, dry matter>76%R-260.02.080 [2016-03]
Moisture Content<5%R-200.18.020 [2016-03]
Wort Colour40 – 50EBCR-261.01.110 [2016-03]
Saccarification time5 – 20MinR-205.03.730 [2016-03]
R-205.07.110 [2016-03]
Protein Content, dry matter< 12.5%R-200.20.030 [2016-03]
pH-value5.0 – 5.8R-205.06.040 [2016-03]

*Analysis method according to MEBAK, Raw Materials, 2016
Brewing grain is a natural product and is subject to qualitative fluctuations which can have an effect on the specification values listed

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