Yeast nutrient nourishes yeast, keeps it healthy and active throughout the fermentation.

SpringFerm™ Xtrem is a fermentation activator 100% based on fully autolyzed yeasts, 9 times richer in soluble nitrogen than a basic inactivated yeast. It is adapted to musts coming from over ripe grapes that are often very poor in nitrogen (<150 mg/L) and rich in fermentable sugars (potential alcohol > 13.5%) which represents a favourable environment for stuck or sluggish fermentations.

SpringFerm™ Xtrem can be used as a substitute for GoFerm, Fermaid K and Fermaid O.


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SpringFerm™ Xtrem is a good source of nitrogen for yeast

It contains the micro peptides and amino acids that are the best assimilated to supply the yeast with the necessary nitrogen for the synthesis of its own proteins. Added between third and mid fermentation this pool of concentrated peptides & amino acids is totally bio available as soon as it is added, allowing the yeast immediate assimilation. When added before malolactic fermentation its micro peptide pool is particularly interesting for the growth and the performance of lactic bacteria.

Vitamin supply

SpringFerm™ Xtrem contains growth factors of interest for stressful fermentations (Thiamine, Calcium Pantothenate, Folic acid, Niacin).


The supply of amino acids is essential during the fermentation for the development of aromas. Indeed, higher alcohols from which esters derive are formed by the deamination of amino acids. Supplying SpringFerm™ Xtrem in the second part of fermentation brings finesse and aromatic  intensity compared to wines treated only with ammonium sources.

The organoleptic profile is improved even more when SpringFerm™ Xtrem is combined with SpringFerm™ at the beginning of fermentation.

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