Natufloc is the blend of naturally occurring brewery approved seaweed materials. Consistency of performance is provided by quality control checks of every batch for wort trub formation. Natufloc is acceptable for use in food by the MAFF document. The active ingredient is carrageenan.


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  • Natufloc achieves clarity by precipitating virtually all haze causing material from cold wort and gives extensive cold break formation.
  • Natufloc reduces cost by removing fine pertinacious particles, simplifying the downstream fining, filtration and beer stabilization.
  • Natufloc will maintain its performance even when boiling time is reduced.
  • Natufloc can clean up wort with variable particle content presenting a more consistent beer for racking.
  • Natufloc remove substantial quantities of pertinacious haze-precursors without affecting head retention.
  • Does not impart any off taste to beer


Natufloc may be added directly either wort kettle or to the whirlpool. Addition rates areb est assessed in the first place with laboratory scale trials. Current use rate is in the range 2 to 6 gm/hl, indicating the large differences in properties of worts from different breweries. This property includes extent of hot & cold trub formation, content of proteins, beta glucan before & after addition of Natufloc.


Occurrence Powder
Appearance Off White to pale brown


Temperature 0-4 C (during Maturation period)
pH 5.0-7.0


2-6 g per HL of wort


Below 10°C – Maximum 12 months shelf life under cold & dry condition


  • Enzymes are proteins. Inhalation of dust or aerosols may induce sensitization and may cause allergic reactions in sensitized individuals. Some enzymes may irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes upon prolonged contact. The product may create easily inhaled aerosols if splashed or vigorously stirred.
  • Spilled product may dry out and create dust. Spilled material should be flushed away with water.
    Avoid splashing. Left over material may dry out and create dust.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
  • Contaminated cloths should be properly washed
  • MSDS is supplied with the product. Follow MSDS safety instructions for more details.

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